Employee health and safety

Prioritizing environment, the health of our employees and dignity of human beings, we work in accordance to strictly penned policy that also nurtures team spirit and empowers people.


Being stern followers of “Green Manufacturing”, we religiously comply with global ecological standards and local regulatory laws. To aid us better in this mission, we have also installed a Zero Liquid Discharge Unit which helps us in low carbon emission. We responsibly carry out the handling and disposal processes that are in accordance with the latest regulations. We can proudly state that we are a company with Zero Liquid discharge and even recycled water. We are sticklers for standard safety protocols as our employees mean the most to us. Our employees’ health is our major concern. For the safety of our prized employees, we make them wear PPEs, conduct safety drills and carry out proper documentation as per the local laws. Reputed auditors regularly review our EHS policy.

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