Textiles Processing

Neochem has been working alongside customers and end-users for decades, meeting the unique challenges each distinct market brings. We have found that working as a team, sharing experience and knowledge, produces great results.

Our objective is always to maximize productivity and profitability for each individual client. We achieve this by listening, learning and viewing every associate of our projects and use those inputs in producing results. Neochem offers comprehensive range of products throughout the whole textile value chain from fibre to fashion.

  • Yarn & Sewing Thread
  • Woven & Knit Fabrics
  • Denim Fabric & Garments
  • Synthetics, Nylon & Polyesters
  • Apparel & Fashion Industry
  • Technical Textiles
  • Organic Cotton
  • Specialty Fibres

Research and development is an integral part of product management, which ensures that our products and services meet market demands and foster future technologies. Neochem  balances between ecology and innovation at every stage of business. We offer the products, which meet the current global demand of eco-labels

  • Yarn & Sewing Thread Processing
  • Enzymes
  • Fabric Pretreatment
  • Fabric Dyeing
  • Fabric Printing
  • Fabric Finishing
  • Garment / Laundry Processing

 Pretreatment Chemicals

  • Desizing Agents
  • Scouring Agents & Stain Removers
  • Low Foaming Wetting Agents
  • Anti Creasing Agents
  • Peroxide Stabilisers and Killers
  • Weight Reduction Catalyst
  • Defoamers
  • Sequestering Agents
  • Anti-Back Stainning Agents

 Dyebath Aditives

  • Levelling Agent
  • Sequestring Agents
  • Acid Buffers
  • Alkali Buffer (Soda Ash Substitute)
  • Washing off/Soaping Agents
  • Dye Fixing Agents

 Printing Chemicals

  • Pigment Printing Binders
  • Khadi Binders
  • Thickeners
  • Fixers
  • Printing Softeners
  • Dispersants For Khadi
  • Penetrating Agents For Reactive Printing

 Finishing Auxiliaries & Lubricants

  • Cationic Softners
  • Non-Ionic Softners
  • Micro and Macro Silicone Softners
  • Poly Ethylene Wax Emulsions
  • Hydrophillic Softeners
  • Bio-Polishing Enzymes
  • Resin Based Finishing Agents
  • Yarn Lubricants